Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Inn From the Cold?

Why should I choose Inn From the Cold rather than my local lettings agency?
  • Cost free letting
  • No hidden charges
  • Simple, hassle free and low admin
  • Peace of mind from well-screened tenants
  • Ongoing reassurance from working with reputable charity partners
  • Access to good tenants who are excluded from the system (such as people on council waiting lists but viewed as low priority)
  • Helping ordinary people in hard times to turn their lives around

Cost free letting

How much will it cost me to let my property?

There is NO COST.

Our lettings service is absolutely FREE to you and your tenant.

What up front fees will I need to pay?


There are no admin fees to pay to us.

What will the monthly cost be?


We do not charge any percentage of your monthly rent.

What rent can I charge?

The standard market rent for your property.

Suitable properties for our clients will be relatively affordable homes, within greater London.

How can you do this?

Inn From the Cold is run by two well-established charities: the Manna Society and the Robes Project.

Our sole purpose is finding and providing affordable accommodation to low-income tenants.

Hassle free

Will I need to advertise my property?

No.  We generally have a steady stream of pre-screened tenants looking for homes.

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